Chillers-Aqua Savers

Aqua Saver Air Cooled Heat Exchangers

Factory Integrated Packaged System with AS Series Heat Exchangers, Simplex (SP Series) or Duplex (DP Series) Pumping system plus Energy Saver Control Panel


Closed-loop eliminates water loss by evaporation as well as algae & bacteria problems.

Ten-year prorated heat exchanger and pump warranty is standard on the Pioneer Aqua Saver System.

For one year from the date of purchase, Pioneer Pioneer Air Systems, Inc. will replace or repair, or provide free of charge any part or parts found to be defective in material or workmanship. One-year mechanical parts only warranty applies to equipment outside the mainland USA, Canada and Mexico.


  • Trim Cooler with water regulating valve provide cooler water

  • System pre-wired and pre-piped on a single skid

  • Eliminate algae and bacteria-type problems

  • Simplex or Duplex pumping station

  • Reduce water usage by up to 100%

  • Eliminate scale and corrosion

  • Adaptable to heat recovery

  • Lowers water temperature

  • Reduce maintenance cost

  • Eliminate sewer changes

  • Extend equipment life

  • Reduce down time

  • Easy installation

Aqua Saver Packaged System Includes (ASP series) AS series ASP series

 - Fan cycling

- Aqua Saver heat exchanger

- Simplex or Duplex pumping station

- Trim Cooler with water regulating valve

- Factory wired and piped on a single skid

 - Low water pressure shut down

 - Low water level shut down

- Mixing valve

- NEMA 4 Electrical