GAS DRYER – Closed Loop Split Stream Dryer

This type of dryer is used primarily for drying hydrogen, oxygen, natural gas and other valuable and/or explosive gases.

It does not require a blower. Instead, it uses a proportioning valve to recirculate the regeneration purge gas, typically 10 – 20% of the incoming gas. A heater is provided to heat purge gas to about 375oF/191oC. The warmed gas flows through the regenerating tower to regenerate it. The wet and warm gas then flows through a gas cooler and a separator to remove the entrained moisture.


Ask for your own desired design and customized dryer to suit the application on hand. Ask Petrotech team to know more about those dryers.

Closed Loop Split Stream Dryer

A typical dryer has an 8 hour cycle time: 4 hours of drying, 2.5 hours of heating and 1.5 hours of desiccant cooling.

In addition, the design includes monitoring controls of the temperature of the purge gas exiting the regenerating tower. An exit gas temperature of in excess of 250oF/121oC signals completion of heating mode and switches the heater off to save energy.