1. These are the only deliquescent dryers capable of suppressing, or reducing, compressed air

    dew points by up to 70o

    F/38.9oC. This is important because dew point is the temperature at

    which moisture begins to condense. In a compressed air system, measurement of dew

    point under pressure is termed the pressure dew point (PDP). Knowing the required PDP is

    critical for the proper sizing and operation of your Super Deliquescent Dryer.



    A Super Deliquescent Dryer requires minimum capital outlay, is easy to install, requires little

    maintenance and requires no electrical connection.

Pioneer Air Super Deliquescent Dryer advantages


    • Built-in Pre-filter – the Desiccant Saver pre-filters the air/gas, thus eliminating the

    need for an external pre-filter system.

    • Minimum Desiccant Consumption – a unique Desiccant Saver reduces desiccant consumption to a minimum. More than 50% of the moisture is removed in the first three steps of the drying process, none of which require additional desiccant. This reduces the desiccant usage in relation to the water removed, to less than half of competitive systems.

    • Prevents Drain Clogging – the Desiccant Saver filters the condensate and prevents drain clogging.

    • Quicker Desiccant Filling – Models SD100 and larger have an oversized manway for desiccant filling

    • Minimum Maintenance – Inspection of the Super Deliquescent Dryer is required no more often than once a week to assure that desiccant is maintained at or above the installed sight glass.

    • Exceptional Reliability – There are no moving parts or electrical connections

    • Low Pressure Drop – Approximately 1.0 psid/0.07 barg.

    • Energy Efficient – No electrical parts in the dryer

    • Easy Inspection – Two sight glasses are installed.

Super Deliquescent Dryer standard features


    • Initial Fill of Veri-Dri 40 Plus Desiccant – included

    • Four-Step Drying – The air is dried four times to give the highest quality of clean, dry air.

    • Superior Desiccant – Veri-Dri 40 Plus is the only desiccant capable of achieving 70o F/38.9oC PDP suppression. It can absorb up to four times its weight in water. And, even as a liquid mixture in the vessel, in continues to absorb large amounts of moisture.

    • Desiccant Saver – Desiccant which is wasted in competitive dryers is used to increase drying capacity and reduce desiccant consumption. This feature also prevents clogging.

    • Five-Year Prorated Vessel Warranty

    • Epoxy Coated Vessel Interior

    • ASME Vessels – All models are designed to meet ASME pressure vessel code and larger vessels are manufactured and Code stamped in Pioneer’s ASME Code shop.

    • Drain – a manual drain is standard. For automatic operation a Motorized Drain is available as an option.

    • Desiccant Sight Glass

    • Condensate Sight Glass

    • Stainless Steel Outlet Screen – for longevity




    • One micron pre/post filters

    • Oil-Alert Filter

    • Stainless Steel Motorized Drain

    • High pressure dryers – up to 3000 psig/206 barg

    • Low pressure dryers – to atmospheric pressure

    • Natural gas dehydrators

    • Portable systems