Sutorbilt Legend Blowers

For more than 75 years, the Sutorbilt Legend Series has been synonymous with quality and reliability. Requested by leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) worldwide for a wide range of applications, due to the ability to customize the Legend to their specifications while meeting strict performance requirements. Each Legend is individually tested to meet rigorous performance specifications. The Legend Series is available in 20 sizes with 4 different configuration options


  • Cooler operating temperature to extend blower life

  • Sutorbilt Legend PD blowers are capable of reliably handling continuous loads

  • Alloy steel timing gears assures non-slip timing under the most strenuous conditions

  • Gear and bearing lubrication provides superior blower life

  • High strength drive shaft provides greater blower durability and installation flexibility

  • High strength cylinder with heat dissipating fins for reduced noise and vibration

  • High temperature seals provide leak-free operation in severe-duty applications
    Universal foot and flex-mount design provides maximum installation versatility


    • Available with mechanical seals for gas applications

    • Cast iron, dynamically balanced bi-lobe impellers machined to an exact profile

    • High strength steel drive shaft extended for V-belt or direct connection

    • High-strength impeller case is heavily ribbed and features oversized dowel pins for precise mounting and alignment of head plates

    • Anti-friction bearings 

    • High temperature Viton oil seals

    • Gear end splash lubricated, drive end grease lubricated

    • Grease lube products carry a 24/18 month warranty

    • Each Legend is built under rigid ISO 9001:2000 quality standards

    • Available in 20 sizes with 4 different configuration options

    • Universal feet for both horizontal or vertical installations

    • Dual Splash Lubricated and Quiet Series options are available

    "Q" Series

    • 5 Quiet sizes available -  3MQ, 4HQ, 4MQ, 5MQ, 6MQ

    • The Sutorbilt Legend series is available with a Quiet option (Q-Series) for reduced noise up to 5 dBA 

    • The Legend Q Series has a high strength impeller case for reduced noise and vibrations, and a unique porting design which results in a quieter discharge noise

    DSL Legend

    • Legend DSL availability 5H, 5M, 5L, 5MQ , 4H, 4M, 4L, 4HQ, 4MQ

    • Dual Splash Lubrication (DSL -Series) for cooler operating temperature and reduced maintenance

    • The Legend DSL Series offers superior quality, like refined timing and locking devices. They provide unmatched strength and rigidity from increased mass

    • DSL Legends carry a 30/24 month warranty