Lubricated Rotary Screw Compressors (7 - 22 kW)

A well-designed ventilation system and a combined radiator provide optimal cooling of air and oil, providing a temperature of compressed air that is only 8-10ºC higher than the ambient temperature (up to 45 ° C).


Variable Flow Compressor: The Smart Choice Variable-speed compressors can efficiently and reliably adapt to changes in the real level of air consumption in the system. These compressors speed up or slow down the speed of rotation and change their performance so that the supply of compressed air at each moment of time corresponds to fluctuations in the flow rate of compressed air.
The variable displacement compressor provides significant energy savings and a stable uninterrupted supply of compressed air.

Control Unit

This electronic control unit is easy to use and provides a fully automatic control and management of all compressor parameters.
Controlled elements: star-delta electric motor switch, direction of rotation, on / off operation (with automatic compressor unloading from pressure after stopping), all remote control sensors, accident protection, fault warnings, routine maintenance messages