• Mobile compressed air solution
• Independent from power source
• Compact and lightweight
• Low emissions
• Easy to operate
• Energy efficient


The BroomWade range of self-contained compressors uses lubricated
screw air ends with high airflow. The progressive adjustment of the
airflow constantly maintains an operating pressure between 7 and 8 bar,
thus avoiding the use of a cumbersome air tank.

The “ROLL BAR” system fully protects the compressor and facilitates
maintenance. The anti-vibration pads provide excellent stability and
limit vibration.

Thermic engine
Our choice of HONDA petrol engines, known for their high reliability and
excellent sound levels, guarantees the longevity of our compressors and
a great ease of use. The engine speed is reduced automatically when the
compressor is not stressed (control valve + pneumatic jack group).

Oil Separator
Our compressors are equipped with an improved cooling system.
Temperature control guarantees optimum longevity.

Technical Data

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