Portable Lubricated

BOTTARINI's experience in the design and manufacture of high quality portable compressors spans almost 60 years. Today's models are the result of an intensive development program, and deliver the high performance and reliability demanded by users.


An innovative compressed air
regulation system provides instant automatic regulation of
compressed air output and of the diesel engine’s RPM
according to demand, thus saving fuel and reducing wear of
moving (members) parts.


• Engine KUBOTA D1105 (GDP 21) and KUBOTA D
1505 (GDP 31) reliable, fuel efficient diesel engine
• Direct driven
• Progressive volume flow regulation. Engine
speed and air intake regulation are automatically
adapted to compressed air requirement.
• Soft Start allows the engine to warm up with
compressors off load
• Operational reliability at -10° C up to + 50 ° C
ambient temperature
• Bolted single sheets, cost less with quicker
exchange if damaged
• Air end with spin-on oil filter cartridge,
easy to replace
• Transparent plastic fuel tank
for direct visual level and pollution checking
• Start by rotary switch to avoid loss
of time caused by lost ignition key.
• Inside main switch board
to avoid unauthorised operation
• Automatic stop in case of malfunction:
– Compressor temperature too high
– Engine oil pressure too low
– Engine temperature too high
– Battery voltage too low
– Fuel shortage
• Controller with digital display showing tamper
proof hour counter