Concentric Inline Gear Drives – Ultra Max

The Falk UltraMax Drive delivers all the performance of a parallel shaft gear drive, with the economy of a gearmotor. Designed to meet the tough challenges of medium and heavy-duty concentric gear drive operation, UltraMax gives you everything you need, from outstanding design and durability to long life, easy maintenance and overall efficiency. With UltraMax, you get more power for your dollar, with savings of up to 30% over a comparably rated parallel shaft gear drive. UltraMax can be used in high torque applications that once required parallel-shaft drives. Tough and versatile, the compact, long-lasting UltraMax offers a fully-featured concentric design that works in today’s global markets.

Features & Benefits

  • 12 sizes

  • Reductions from 1.5:1 to 985:1

  • Optional scoop, flange or baseplate mounted motors

  • Helical gearing minimizes noise and vibration

  • Available in low ratio for high-speed applications

  • Heavy-duty bearing and seal protection

  • Optional reliability packages


  • Torque Range:     2,440 inch pound  to 601,000 inch pound

  • Ultramax Size:     1,020 Gear Drive to 2,130 gear drive

  • Ratio:                        1.5-1,207    to 11.39 – 985.3