Ultramite Mixer Gear Drives

  • Falk Ultramite Concentric Inline Gear Drives are built for longer service life. Now we
    are expanding our portfolio with the first Rexnord Inline Mixer option. Available in 7 sizes, they are specifically designed to handle high thrust loads and heavy-duty-applications. All units are leak and pressure tested before they leave our facility. Ultramite is motor-independent allowing the use of standard NEMA C-face or IEC motors. The innovative motor bushing eliminates fretting between
    the motor and the gear drive. This design offers easy installation and allows for quick, trouble-free change out, even after years of hard, continuous use.  

Features & Benefits

      • C-face motor for ease of installation and removal

      • Heavy-duty output shaft & bearings

      • Ratio ranges 5.6:1 – 224:1

      • Leak-free operation with optional drywell

      • Torque ranges 7,000 – 220,000 in-lbs

      • 3-year warranty


The Mixer Features provides:

-Innovative bushing design for easier installation and removal of motor

-Outboard double lip seal, protected from ingress

-Standard heavy duty output shaft and tapered roller bearings accommodate for mixer application loads without the need to oversize the unit

-Available drywell in sizes 310 and larger, provides a leak free design ideal for contaminant sensitive applications: food chemical, wasterwater, pharmaceutical

-Utilizing the available drywell, the integral shaft driven pu,p provides lubrication to high speed gears set


The Falk Ultramite UC Inline Helical size 03 gear drive has ratio range of 1.4 - 10,000 and a max torque of 39,100 inch pounds. The UC Ultramite Inline product line offers flange or footed housing options. Units include a motor adapter for ease of installation and removal of a standard NEMA C-Face motors