GD-2500Q Pump Model

With continuous power-end and fluid-end upgrades, the GD-2500 has been specifically designed to meet high flow-rate requirements in harsh environments, such as the Barnett Shale. Combine the heavy-duty power end with upgraded valve-over-valve or Y-style fluid ends for ultimate durability

Design Advantages

  • New, improved fabricated frame for ease of service

  • High quality gears conforming to AGMA standards

  • Multiple fluid end options, including valve over valve and Y style crossbores

  • High strength forged crankshaft

  • Premium fluid end material and standard autofrettage for extended service life

  • Optional heavy duty connecting rod assembly

Product Range

  • Maximum Pressure: 17,800 psi

  • Maximum Flow: 2,044 gpm

  • Weight: 14,570 lbs.