• Materials available: AISI 316 or Titanium.

  • Max flow: 30 m 3/h. Max head: 30 mlc.

  • Fume labyrinth seal. A combined system of labyrinth, rings and PTFE lip seal guarantees tightness against gas and vapours.

  • Impeller with low axial thrust.

  • Suitable for corrosive liquids containing solids.

  • Especially designed for use in the production of printed circuit boards (PCB).

AISI 316 version is suitable for potassium permanganate applications at 90°C.

Titanium version is suitable for “Black Oxide”.

  • Two different types available: PVA 1 for tank transfer and PVA 2 used as a boosting pump.


PVA 2 model should be installed in the same tank where PVA 1. This provides a tight system which prevents any leaks.


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