In 1978, Mr. Hany Nouh and his co-founders established the mother Company, that partnered with Gardner Denver, Linsty completion Systems, Arrow Oil tools, Falk and Pionair Air Systems. 

In 1998, Petrotech International  Co.  had seen the lights for the first time as the new generation. Petrotech started working with Smith and TruFlo on rotating right and tech tools. 

In 1999, Petrotech Started working with Canadian Tool services, which later was acquired by Weatherford. 

Now after partnering with top industries from oil & gas, mining, power plants, Food & beverage to more, Petrotech is currently working as a consultation partner delivering reliable advise & solutions, while providing needed machinery, mobilization, installation, maintenance and after sales services for all products.

about us

Excellent Services for Your Business

Petrotech  has been the provider of highest quality and leading solutions to the Egyptian industry since 1998. Partnering with the top in the industry from oil & gas, mining, power plants, Food & beverage to more. The legacy of our company is in delivering the quality to meet the quality of our clients, giving the best products for the right application, reliable advise & solutions & integrity in partnership. Petrotech Int. provides mobilization, installation, maintenance and after sales and services for all products.


Adding value is our mission. To add value through our provided services, reliable products and relationship with our partners.


To increase the level of quality in the industry through delivering the right products to the perfect fit to the application and by spreading knowledge to the field. 


Be the most reliable distributor in Egypt and achieve the highest and sustainable market share in the field.


Continue the legacy of integrity in our work to achieve growth.

Why Choose US

As of our great expertise in the industry and in our field.  Petrotech will offer you the best consultation for your production efficiency and will offer you the machinery and expertise to help you lead in your industry.


Petrotech Int. offers a wide range of products with competitive prices, premium delivery time and reliable maintenance.